Epically Home Made

Soupa Cafe is proud to produce soup which is MSG free and contains no artificial colour or flavours


Soupa Cafe is proud to serve Epically home made Soup and Sandwiches

Soupa Cafe is proud to serve Epically home made soups and sandwiches. We strive to serve a great selection at all of our locations where you will always find our epic Chicken Stew (The stew is probably our most famous dish), Chili Con Carne (the best in town!) and our Vegan Red Lentil Mulligatawny. The least you will find for selection will be 4 soups daily and some of our locations serve up to 8.

Soupa Cafe does not serve with MSG, artificial colours or flavours and our dishes do not contain any preservatives. We spend a lot of time creating dishes by hand to serve to you, if we won't eat it, we won't sell it.

We don't believe that your food choices or your body should be able to tell you where to eat which is why we always serve Vegan and Veggie options along with meat options and options daily which are gluten smart (prepared in a gluten use kitchen but made without gluten products, now days you can't just say Gluten Free).

All of our delicious home made soups are served with a choice of 5 toppings and a choice of 4 types of bread, if you want all the toppings just ask for "the works". Come on in and dine with us today!


Visit a location, or call for catering and order inquiries:

736 View St
In St Andrews Sq Mall
Call: 250 380 0856

776 Fairview Rd
Call: 250 590 2441